martes, octubre 07, 2008


Through these mixed self-portraits, I have discovered for myself the simplest way to express what has been evolving in my life since I have received Knowledge.

Each self-portrait contains four sections representing my real self as shown to me through the four techniques of Knowledege. Within these sections, I have placed many small pieces of hard paper in different colours and sizes wich portray different aspects of my life. As I created each section, I choose to fasten all the different aspects together with staples because of their intensity upon impact as they are released. This action reminds me of the impact and power of each breath, these life-giving, incredible gifts that fasten me to the miracle of Life. This is my entelechy in action.

"My life is a straight line written with the words, Thank You".

Music: The Sof Machine (A Door Opens And Closes)

2 comentarios:

Virginia Sota dijo...

tu explicación sobre porqué utlizas las grapas a la hora de trabajar estos autorretratos,es realmente buena, me hace entender lo que sientes.

Blanca Oraa dijo...

es importante que hayas entendido el significado de las grapas como símbolo de la respiración que es la vida.