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On Nov 1, 2013, at 1:18 PM, Cynthea Paul wrote:

Dear Friends,
There is a benefit concert that most surely be very great music and company
coming up on Saturday November 23rd.., it will be at the Source Spiritual Center
, 305 Rose, Venice, CA 90291 at 5 pm til midnite...This is a benefit for me...:)
..as I need help to keep going with so many bills during this lengthy recovery and numerous reconstructive surgeries
from the horrific assault that happened to me last year. A portion of the proceeds will also be donated to the Prem Rawat Foundation,
an organization near and dear to my heart, info can be found at tprf.org about this humanitarian organization...and also to Unite, End
Violence against Women.
I will also be doing my first art show at this event! ...that all started with thank you cards for the amazing help,
people have given me and progressed into very cute pieces of fairy art. Please come and
share with your friends if you feel called!!!! Or if you would like to participate from
home you could make a donation to paul.cindy@gmail.com, include your address and I will send you
one of the cards :)
Thank you so much for your love and support, I am grateful beyond words...
much love, Cynthea

Cynthea Della Paul
Matrix Energetics Practitioner, MatrixEnergetics.com
Resonance Repatterning Certified Practitioner, ResonanceRepatterning.net 

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